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Flag of Catalonia.png Catalonia
Identifiable Catalan culture developed in the Middle Ages under the hegemony of the Counts of Barcelona. The Catalan War of Independence in 1706 finally waged Catalan independence from the Spanish Crown as a protectorate of France, confirmed in the Treaty of Utrecht. In the latter half of the 19th century, Catalonia became a center of Iberia's industrialization; to this day it remains the most industrialized part of Iberia. [Read more...]
Flag of Northern Greece.png Northern Greece
Created out of the chaos of the collapse of the Second Hellenic Republic, Northern Greece is a country in southern Europe, home to just over 5.5 million people. A member of the United Nations since its founding in 1949 and the first non-founding country to be accepted into the European Union in 1966, it remains a deeply republican state to this day. [Read more...]
Flag of Genovia.png Genovia
Nestled between towering mountains, verdant fields, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Genovia is a small country of 3.1 million people in the western reaches of Atlantica-Alba. Once a part of Murcia, the country split in 1856, first as a Principality, before becoming a republic in 1978. The majority of the region's only member in the European Union (since 1995) are ethnic Genovians. [Read more...]
Flag of Istria.png Istria
Defined by a unique, syncretic ethnic identity, Istria was created following the end of the Second World War as the result of a plebiscite that separated the region from Yugoslavia in 1945. Istria acceded to the European Union alongside its neighbor, Croatia, in 2013. [Read more...]
Flag of Murcia.png Murcia
Murcia, one of the most prominent of the "Greco states", is located on the south-western coast of Atlantica Alba. Once an empire, Murcia has been a constitutional republic since the fall of the dictatorship in 1980. The majority of the population are ethnic Murcians, while the prevailing religion is that of Greco Catholicism. [Read more...]
Flag of Noordkasteel.png Free State of Noordkasteel
Noordkasteel, a small island microstate part of the Frisian island chain, is located between Germany and the Netherlands. Gaining independence as a republic in a war against the United Netherlands in 1830-1831, it became a German protectorate in 1831 and gained full independence following the Second World War. [Read more...]
Flag of Perseus.jpg Viceroyalty of Perseus
Perseus is a nation state located in north-western coast Atlantica-Alba and is the sole Earth Colony of the Imperial Atlantean Empire. It shares land and sea borders with the esteemed nations of The Kingdom of Royal Cytheria and Calderwood. It is also bordered by three different bodies of water; The Cytherian Strait, The Avalonia Strait and the Atlantic Ocean [Read more...]
Flag of the Republic of Nanzhao.png Republic of Nanzhao
Nanzhao is an island nation located in East Asia, with a population of 50 million. Nanzhao is one of the five East Asian Tiger economies, that has undergone some of the fastest economic growth of the 20th century. The majority of Nanzhese are ethnically Han Chinese, with Mandarin the official language. [Read more...]